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Jeff - Nitecore TUBE & SOG Micron

What can I say, I'm an EDC guy. I love my SOG Micron, it's so useful I couldn't even estimate how many times I use it every day, and thanks to its small size, it fits comfortably in my pocket while being completely unnoticeable. The Nitecore Tube has been the perfect addition to my EDC - super bright and rechargeable, you couldn't ask for anything more from a key chain light.

Kymberly - Nitecore EC20

I was new to the world of high end flashlights, so when the guys at the office recommended the EC20, I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea how powerful such a small torch could be! I brought it home and everyone loves it. We use it for walking the dog, looking for lost items in and around the house, and I'm sure it will only come in handy more and more as time goes on.

Dean - Olight SR Mini Searchlight

I'm a no-nonsense kind of guy who needs a no-nonsense flashlight. If you have a lot of land like me, you need a seriously bright flashlight. Although the SR Mini doesn't offer the same throw as its brothers, the SR52 and SR96, it still pumps out light like you wouldn't believe. It's compact size makes it unobtrusive in the home and my wife is comfortable using it as well.

Giselle - Olight S10R

I'm always happy to recommend the Olight S10 to our customers when they call in looking for a good single CR123A light for every day carry. When I saw Olight was releasing a rechargeable version, I just had to have one. The magnetic charging base is simply awesome! It's so easy to keep my S10R fully charged at all times. I keep the charging base here at work and I've never ran out of charge over the weekend.

Peter - Fenix CL20 Camping Lantern

I grew up on a farm and my Old Man always said, "Just because the sun's down doesn't mean the work stops!" For me, the CL20 from Fenix provides a portable, convenient, and easy way to create a large flooded area of light to get important work done. A couple of these make setting up and finding the camp sight a breeze, and I love that it works with both CR123A and AA batteries making it super versatile!

David - Olight M22 Warrior Kit

When I started here two years ago, my very first high end flashlight was the Olight M22 Warrior. I was looking for a sturdy, tactical flashlight that would always be ready for the task at hand, and that's exactly what I got. The M22 Warrior Kit comes with the sleek Olight Omni Dok and TWO 18650 batteries so I always have a back up in case of emergencies - I couldn't be more satisfied with it.
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