All the Latest Updates and New Arrivals for May

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May is upon us, and along with warmer weather it's bringing a whole new batch of LED flashlights, batteries and portable power products for everyone to enjoy. Brand new products this month include flashlights with multiple lighting color options, powerful new headlamps and some uniquely-styled battery chargers that make charging up faster, easier and better in every way. We've also got some unique power storage devices that are definitely going to turn some heads! Get ready for great weather and outdoor activities with these hot new products, available now at Battery Junction!


Fenix comes out swinging with the powerful and versatile LD75C. Last month we saw the incredible Fenix TK15C, an EDC with multiple color options, but this time around we have a hand-held searchlight that boasts red, green and blue color modes as well as a 4200 lumen maximum output! Great for extended hunting or camping trips, the multiple color modes make night vision a breeze and the impressive output level makes the LD75C ideal for search and rescue missions. The light levels and color modes can also be combined for a customized setting, get the exact level and color of light you want!


One of our best-selling lights, the Klarus ST30-U has been redesigned and relaunched with several great new features that make it even more user-friendly than before. While the maximum 1080 lumen output remains the same, the switch and body have been modified to be more compact and to promote a comfortable user interface. Along with the general design overhaul, the low and medium modes have increased in strength to 100 and 410 lumens respectively, adding even more versatility to this unique lighting tool. The ST30-U is a great light to have by your side for work, home use or outdoor activities.


Sick of clunky battery chargers taking up valuable desk or drawer space? Take a look at the ultra compact Klarus CH1, a single-bay smart charger whose portability is matched only by its versatility. The CH1 can charge a wide range of Li-ion batteries, including the incredibly popular 18650, 16340 and 14500 models. This charger can also charge any of your standard NiMh AA, AAA and C sized batteries. The CH1 charges via a standard mini-USB port, and can be hooked in to any laptop, desktop or wall mounted USB charging adapter. Plus the CH1 offers the unique capability of using your 18650 or other rechargeable batteries to charge your portable devices. That's right, a super compact, portable battery charger that doubles as a power bank - this is truly the ultimate portable power companion.


A cutting edge, compact every day carry, the Jetbeam WL-S2 is a slim-styled flashlight newly upgraded to utilize a state of the art CREE XP-L LED to emit up to 1080 lumens! This is a powerful light that is portable and built to last with an anodized aluminum body, durable glass lens and solid state LED technology, and at just $48 you really get some bang for your buck with this one. If you're looking for a flashlight that has high-end power at an affordable price, the WL-S2 is the light for you!


A straightforward light with top-tier power and USB recharging capabilities? Sign me up! The JETBeam C8 is a powerful and compact flashlight capable of 1000 lumen of output and can charge a single 18650 battery internally via a USB cord. This light is a great choice for LED flashlight veterans and newcomers alike with its easy-to-use interface and convenient charging function. Despite its massive power, the JETBeam C8 can easily fit in your hand or be stored in a pocket - great for an every day carry! This light is perfect for home use, hiking, camping, hunting or for professional use.


You need hands-free lighting that is comfortable and powerful, but why not look really cool while you're at it? The Jetbeam HR25 is a stylish headlamp that features comfort-minded head-straps, 800 lumen LED output and a sleek, simple style that lets people know that you're a professional. This headlamp is designed for heavy use with an IPX-6 water resistance rating and an impact resistance rating of up to 1 meter drops, making it ideal for tough outdoor activities that require the free use of both hands. Best of all, this headlamp is USB rechargeable, so when using an 18650 Li-Ion battery you can just plug it in and charge up wherever you go!


Nitecore is knocking another one right out of the park with the compact and powerful MH20, the latest in their best-selling MH line of flashlights. The MH20 comes equipped with a CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED that allows it to reach output levels capping out at 1000 lumens, making it one of the brightest flashlights in its size class EVER! The light runs on either 2 CR123A lithium batteries or a single Li-Ion 18650 battery that can be charged inside the light itself using a simple USB cord. This flashlight is great for casual users and professionals alike thanks to its minimized size, ease of use and rechargeable features.

TENERGY Portable Power Bank

Out of energy? Grab a Tenergy! A Tenergy 51062 dual port USB power bank that is! This power bank contains a powerful lithium-ion battery that can be charged over and over, and the USB ports allow you to charge all of your favorite USB devices wherever you go! Smart phones, tablets and anything else you can think of can be charged using this battery with its massive 8000mAh capacity. This power bank is great for traveling, camping or any every day occasion when you need portable power for your UBS powered electronics. Once you pick one up for yourself, you won't believe how you ever lived without one!

MikeMikeART 25mm Bottle Opener

I'm not sure what you use for a bottle opener, but I'll bet that it has never been fired out of a cannon in its lifetime. MikeMikeART brings you these one of a kind, simply awesome bottle openers all made from genuine 25mm artillery rounds. Every one of these shells was previously fired out of a tank, gunship, or fighter jet - collected afterwards and restored while maintaining those scratches and dings as a reminder of its battle hardened past. This 8 inch tall beast of a bottle opener is sure to turn some heads - an essential addition to your man-cave.
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