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Look out, gunslingers! We're getting geared up for a tactical light shootout between the best and brightest tactical style LED flashlights on the market. Over the past few years we've seen the standard LED light raise it's output significantly while lowering in both size and price. 1000 lumen flashlights have become the new standard, and these powerful tools that once cost hundreds of dollars are now available at bargain prices! We took these lights out to the range and ran a series of tests to find out which light reigned supreme, casting aside brand names and looking only at which lights had the very best performance and value.

9. Fenix - TK22

Coming in strong at number 9, we have the Fenix TK22, an upgraded version of a classic flashlight with a new CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED. This portable light measures just 5.8 inches in length and can provide up to 920 lumens of bright white LED lighting. The TK22 embodies the heart of tactical flashlight design with a cutting edge LED, compact and weapon mountable body and rugged reliability. If you've had your eyes out for a tactical or EDC light, the TK22 might just be your best bet.

8. Smith & Wesson - M & P 7

Nobody knows tactical gear better than the folks at Smith & Wesson, and the M&P 7 flashlight is a prime example of their dedication to high quality equipment. This flashlight packs an impressive 140 lumen whallop while operating on just 3 easily replaceable AAA Batteries! It's size and power source make it an excellent flashlight for any tactical or emergency situation. As expected of a piece of Smith & Wesson gear, the M&P 7 is crafted from sturdy materials and is ergonomically designed to feel great and secure in your hand.

7. Sunwayman - T20CS

Solid performance and construction at a great price, the Sunwayman T20CS has earned its spot on this list. The T20CS is a great all rounder with an impressive 750 lumen output, an ultra compact 5.5 inch length and a tail / side switch combination that makes tactical or everyday use a breeze. What makes this light really stand out is that it comes in two variations with either a cool white or a neutral white LED. So no matter what you need this light for, it's up to the challenge!

6. Streamlight - Pro Tac HL3

Streamlight brings both power and reliability to the party with the Streamlight ProTac HL3. The HL3 is the largest light in the shootout at 7.1 inches, but makes up for it by also being one of the most powerful with a colossal 1100 lumen brightness level! A great service light for police or firefighters, the HL3 is constructed from high quality aluminum alloy with a beefy body that can take its fair share of abuse.

5. JETBeam 3M Pro

Tactical decision-making is all about getting the best value out of your actions, and nothing beats the value packed in to the Jetbeam 3M Pro. This flashlight features the greatest lumens per dollar ratio on this list, with 1100 lumen output and a price so low it will make your head spin! Jetbeam haven't sacrificed quality however, and when testing this light out we found it to be just as powerful and reliable as competing flashlights.

4. SureFire - 6PX

When it comes to a competition of reliability, the SureFire 6PX stands out from the crowd thanks to SureFire's legendary attention to detail. Not only does this light come in a compact size with a 320 lumen LED output, but it's virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime SureFire warranty. While this may not be the brightest light from our test group, we couldn't find a way to make it stop working. Drop it, drive over it, throw it in water - there's no way to keep this good light down!

3. Klarus - KT12

A versatile flashlight with powerful performance to crush the competition, the Klarus XT12 comes out swinging. The XT12 is an all inclusive package with a custom Klarus 18650 battery and magnetically attaching charging port. The charging cable can be attached effortlessly and charges via USB so you can charge up the XT12 just about anywhere. This light also features a sturdy crenelated strike bezel that can be used for either self defense or breaking glass in emergency situations. If you need a light that can do it all without an external charger, the XT12 is a solid pick up.

2. Nitecore - P12

In any sort of performance test we've run the Nitecore P12 tends to show up towards the top, and for a good reason. The P12 boats compact size with a 5.5 inch length and a slim style that makes it great for carrying or mounting to a weapon. This flashlight offers a tremendous 1000 lumen output with several lower modes and defensive strobe available. With its great power, size, reliability, and incredibly reasonable price it's no small wonder that the P12 is one of our highest rated tactical LED flashlights.

1. Olight - M22 Warrior

We crunched the numbers, weighed the pros and cons, tried it out for ourselves and every time the Olight M22 Warrior came out on top as the best tactical flashlight available. This light simply has the best combination of features we look for in a tactical light including top tier lighting power, compact size, momentary On, ease of use, and more. As an added bonus, you can purchase a new M22 Warrior Kit with 2 rechargeable Olight 18650 batteries and the fast and powerful Omni Dok Charger for an unbeatable value.
There you have it, the cream of the crop when it comes to the most valuable tactical flashlights around. We didn't pull any punches when reviewing these lights so if you need a light for work, emergency response or hunting this is the group to pick from. You'll find more information on each flashlight on our website, and don't be shy about contacting us! Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as our Youtube channel with updated new content. Gear up, Power On!
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