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Fireworks. Hot dogs. Inner tubes. July is one of our favorite times of year here at Battery Junction, and it gives us a great excuse to break out some of the hot new products for some of our favorite all-American activities like hunting, camping and grilling. This month several of our brand new additions focus on the great outdoors, and we can't wait to get out there and have a great time with powerful new LED camping lanterns, rechargeable camera batteries and of course the latest in high powered LED flashlights. So before you run out the door, take a moment to check out these great new products that will keep your summer going strong!

Nitecore - EC4

Starting your hunting or camping trip out right means being prepared, and being prepared means having a reliable LED flashlight on hand! Nitecore's brand new EC4 fills that requirement brilliantly with a 1000 Lumen output and an easy-to-use side switch interface that can be found and accessed even in the dark. Worried about dropping your light on a rock or in the water? Don't be! The body of the EC4 is made from one solid piece of die cast aluminum and is O-ring sealed with an IPX-8 waterproof rating, the perfect outdoor companion!

Nitecore - TM16

Ok, time to get loud again with the latest in Nitecore's Tiny Monster line, the TM16! Nitecore is pushing boundaries again and have managed to pack 4 CREE XM-L U2 LEDs into a single light, combining for an ultra bright 4000 lumen output! The 4 LEDs sit at the bottom of a Chicago style deep dish reflector which allows the light to throw a beam up to 700 meters! As with all of the Tiny Monsters this light can be held in just one hand, making it one of the most portable searchlights for the power ever made!

Nitecore - GoPro Battery & Charger

Nothing says summer like recording all of your great memories on video, and no camera is easier to use and carry than a GoPro. But what happens when your GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+ battery finally kicks the bucket? Throw the whole thing away? Shucks no! Nitecore has you covered with a brand new replacement battery and charging system for the GoPro Hero3 series. These batteries feature 1180mAh for long camera run-times and the charger is built with intelligent and fast charging technology. Keep your GoPro going with these high quality Nitecore battery replacements.

Fenix - CL25R

Kick your clumsy old fuel powered camping lantern to the curb and take a look at the Fenix CL25R, an LED camping lantern capable of 350 lumens of bright area lighting! The CL25R is perfect for sitting around and telling your spookiest stories with 6 adjustable modes. This device is constructed from sturdy yet lightweight plastic polymer and features a hanging loop and magnetic base, so you can stick this thing anywhere! On top of all that the CL25R is USB rechargeable and runs on an INCLUDED 18650 battery, making it environmentally friendly and a great value.

Klarus - XT15 Falcon

Soaring in to view is the Klarus XT15 Falcon, a long range rechargeable flashlight that is a perfect tactical light for hunting or for late night expeditions. The XT15 comes equipped with everything you need to get started including a rechargeable battery, charging cable and a crushingly powerful 1020 lumen output! The predatory bird is known for its large wingspan, and the XT15 Falcon lives up to that name with an astonishing 355 meter beam distance. Pick up this light if you need to spot game far away, participate in search and rescue operations or for any occasion where you need to see far at night.

Klarus - XTQ1

Let's turn down the volume a bit and take a look at a true tactical flashlight, the Klarus XTQ1. At first glance this looks like just another great flashlight - 800 lumen output, anodized aluminum body, shock resistant and waterproof, this thing is the whole package. However the most unique feature of this light is Klarus' patented ultra-quiet tactical switch system; a flat tail switch that offers a completely inaudible interface for advanced stealth. Great for hunting trips or serious tactical situations, this silent light is something we have trouble keeping quiet about around the office!

Olight - M23 Combo

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we've got the king of all combos coming your way. We've united the power of the brand new Olight M23 Javelot with the fast and reliable Olight Omni-Dok charger and not one but two Olight 18650 3600mAh batteries! The M23 is a long range tactical LED flashlight that features a unique de-domed CREE LED that provides an incredible beam distance when combined with its deep reflector. With the Omni-Dok and two high capacity batteries on hand, you'll never run out of juice for this cutting edge LED light.
Break out the barbecue and tiki torches, because it's time to party! And with the help from all of these hot new products summer is just heating up. Stay tuned for further updates on brand new flashlights, batteries and portable power products from Battery Junction. Is there something you would like to see us cover or discuss? Let us know on social media! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as our Youtube channel. Gear up, Power on!
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