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Fenix TK22
This light uses the latest CREE technology, is made from durable materials, and comes readily equipped for tactical situations. The next time you are out on patrol, take the TK22 along with you as your trusty partner!
Fenix UC35
The all new UC35 carries all the features that made it popular and improves upon the original. This version of the UC35 is rechargeable via a simple USB cord, so it can be hooked up to a desktop or laptop, or even a wall USB charger. This light is perfect for people with an active lifestyle and is ideal for the outdoors!
Fenix TK22 2014 Edition
The TK22 is a tactical style light, but is in truth a jack of all trades when it comes to personal lighting. The light excels at tactical operations uses, such as being mounted on a weapon for hunting. It also offers a powerful strobe that can be used to disorient, a key feature for those in security, police or military work!
Fenix TK35
The Fenix TK35 has been a long time favorite for all purpose, ultra-bright, search light style flashlights. This light is all you need in a single package. This is the perfect light to keep in your home to serve as a search light or in case of power outages or emergency situations!
Fenix BT30R Bikelight
The Fenix BT30R is a high performing LED Bikelight that will light up your night and provide you with a powerful, reliable light source. Designed for mountain bike adventures, its ultra-compact headlamp along with its water resistant feature makes it the best bike light for those who take cycling to the highest level!
Fenix BC30R Bikelight
The BC30R is outfitted with 2 CREE XM-L2 (T6) LEDs that can emit a stunning 1600 Lumens of lighting power for your late night rides. This light also features the unique Dual Distance Beam system, which lights up not only the area directly in front you you but the ground ahead of your front tire, ensuring that nothing can surprise you on a dark night!
Fenix E41
The Fenix E41 is a pocket-sized searchlight that provides a lot of power for its size. Its compact, unibody design makes it comfortable to hold and very easy to carry around. The E41 is small, light and reliable, measuring less than 12 centimeters long and weighing only 204 grams, a prime EDC option!
Fenix PD35
The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) is a high performing, pocket-sized light that focuses on tactical employment. It features both a tail switch for momentary-on and ON/OFF as well as a stainless steel side switch for operation mode switching, output selection and strobe mode. This will really come in handy during your outdoor adventures and activities!
Fenix HL25
Headlamps come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to a compact head mounted light that really packs a punch the all new Fenix HL25 really outshines the competition. This powerfully bright light can cut through night time darkness, fog, dust and any sort of weather condition you can throw at it!
Fenix AR101
Fenix's TK-series remote pressure switch is specially designed for Fenix's tactical flashlights - TK10, TK11-Q5, TK11-R2, and TK20. It has four internal sensors with a steel spring-switch module for consistently reliable operation. The switch cable can extend up to 80cm and activates with just slight finger pressure.
Fenix HL35
The HL35 has the waterproofing and power adaptable capabilities that the working professional needs to succeed. Waterproof up to 2 meters, the Fenix HL35 LED Headlamp embodies the outdoorsmen spirit, prepared for multiple terrains and work environments!
Fenix AB02
The Fenix AB02 flashlight belt clip easily attaches to belts and backpacks, and allows you to do all your favorite outdoor activities while keeping your hands free. It can be rotated 360 degrees ensuring you always get the right angles of illumination where you need it. The ABO2 is the ideal for hiking, climbing, working outdoors, and doing routine maintenance!
Fenix E01
If you need a light that provides a substantial light output but lacks the cumbersome and bulky design of a search light, then this light is for you! Never fumble for your car keys in the dark, find the door lock, or read in the dark with this handy little light!
Fenix HL05
The Fenix HL05 LED headlamp is designed as a small, compact light for effortless portability and storage. This "colorful night elf", as it is affectionately called, is miniature in size yet still packs a powerful punch when it comes to versatility and use, fitting perfectly in a backpack or knapsack!
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