October Newsletter

Check Out This Months Hot New Products

October is finally here, and that means pumpkin spice, spooky skeletons and of course the hottest new products from Battery Junction! This month we've got our hands on the latest new LED flashlight from Nitecore, Olight, Klarus, Sunwayman and many more of the hottest names in portable illumination. These new lights will have you spiffying up your EDC setup and upping your hunting game with powerful LED output and unbeatable utility. So kick up your feet and take a gander with us at these great new additions to our inventory.

Olight's Ground Breaking New Search Light:
Meet The X7 Marauder

Olight is breaking out the big guns with the X7 Marauder, a hand-held searchlight with an unprecedented 9000 lumen output. Utilizing three integrated CREE XHP70 LEDs and high capacity 18650 batteries, the X7 blows away the competition with a beam distance of over 1000 feet making it perfect for long range search and rescue. The X7 is also available in an all new kit that includes both a charger and the specialty 18650 batteries required to reach its maximum potential.

Nitecore Does It Again:
The New MH25GT

Breathing new life into an old classic, the Nitecore MH25GT is equipped with an updated LED and offers 1000 Lumens of bright white light. The rugged design, classic interface and included 18650 battery make this a must-buy for users looking for a revved up classic. The MH25GT is also available in several hunting kits that include a series of filters, pressure switch, holster and weapon mounts for advanced tactical action.

Olight's Brand New Additions:
Meet The S Minis!

A limited edition EDC with style, the Olight S Mini is a sure way to add some spice to your everyday carry setup. This light bring 550 lumens of power using a single CR123A, making it one of the most powerful compact light we've ever seen! The S Mini is available with multiple colors in either copper or titanium. If you want a reliable light that really stands out, the S Mini is the perfect choice.

Nitecore Has More Then Flashlights:

For years fans of Nitecore's flashlights, batteries and chargers have been wondering what's next for the maverick manufacturer. One word: Pouches. The Nitecore Daily Tactical Pouch represents the culmination of award winning design and style for which Nitecore is known. This pouch features military spec Cordura nylon fiber along with a laser cut MOLLE system that allows it to be integrated with other tactical gear. Not to mention that it looks so good, you won't be out of place on a runway or in a tactical field of operations.

JET UV Flashlight!

Bouncers, financial professionals and business owners unite! The Jetbeam JET UV is a compact AAA light that emits powerful 365nm Ultraviolet light. This light is ideal for verifying the integrity of currency and identification cards in a professional capacity. The light can also be used by crime scene investigators to reveal hidden bodily fluids. The JET UV is available in blue and red body colors, so you can make a fashion statement while you work.

New From Klarus:
The XT1C

With a 700 Lumen output and a multi-purpose programmable setting, the Klarus XT1C is an incredible fusion of tactical and EDC styles. In tactical mode, the light has access to one touch strobe and high modes for maximum output action. The more casual outdoor setting has single touch high and low modes that can be adjusted to suit your needs. With an included 16340 rechargeable battery, the XT1C brings tremendous value to its already great package.

Nitecore's Newest Light
The T360M!

The ultimate in portable work lighting, the Nitecore T360M brings consistent LED output and incredible flexibility to your workspace. This light is compact, light and features a magnetic base with a ball swivel that allows you to position a 45 lumen beam in virtually any position! The T360M operates via a single side switch, and is USB rechargeable so it's easy to power up wherever you go!

Olight Rolls Out Another One:
The S2R Baton

Everything you're looking for in a rechargeable EDC, The Olight S2R is the epitome of value with 1020 lumen output and an included 18650 battery. This slim style everyday carry light can be recharged via a convenient and portable magnetic USB charging cable. The S2R follows Olight's simple yet reliable design philosophy, and operates via a single side switch for the ultimate in ease of use.


Most modern flashlight are slim, compact and powerful. But sometimes you just want a big old-school baton that looks like it can do some serous damage! The Streamlight UltraStigner is an LED power light that can reach modern standards with 1100 lumen output, but retains that good old feel of a baton style light that can be used for glass breaking or self defense. The UltraStinger is powered by and includes a 5-cell battery pack, as well as the required charging equipment.

New From Sunwayman:
The T20CC

The Sunwayman T20CC isn't just a tactical LED flashlight, it's an all in one powerhouse with multiple color modes to suit just about any situation. The primary CREE XM0L2 U3 LED provides 1000 lumens of white light, but the light is also outfitted with red, green and ultraviolet light sources! Red and green are great for various night vision situations, and UV light can be used to identify false currency and identification.