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August 2012 Newsletter
August has been a busy month for three of’s top selling brands; Fenix, Surefire, and Nitecore. Fenix definitely wins the award this month for most new products, impressively releasing six entirely different lights including a headlamp. With each light meant to serve a different application, make sure to check out all these new lights to find the one that was made just for you.
Ideal for your next mission (even if it’s just taking the dog out in the rain), the Fenix E40 mixes the comfort of an every-day-carry light with the tactical capabilities of a more expensive light without adding the expense! The E40 uses 4 x AA batteries to generate up to 220 lumens using a CREE XP-E (R4) LED and is protected by an anti-freezing, waterproof, impact resistant body with a flat design for maximum grip and ergonomics. Its interface features dual tail switches for rapid one-handed selection of one of three output modes and an intelligent memory circuit automatically enters the previous brightness level when turned on so you’ll never have to fumble in the dark to get the right amount of light.
Originally designed to replace the popular LD10, the LD12 improves on its predecessor with the addition of a side switch for changing modes while still being able to run on a single AA battery. This light uses a more powerful S2 LED to generate up to 120 lumens in high mode and can run for 97 hours on low mode. It has four brightness levels and two strobe modes making it ideal to use anywhere.
New to Fenix’s LD Series, the LD22 uses a powerful XP-G S2 LED to generate up to 200 lumens from everyday AA batteries, making it an excellent light for every-day-carry, emergencies, or travelling. The LD22 features Fenix’s new control circuit for the smoothest transitions and most efficient performance we’ve ever seen. The new side switch makes changing output modes a breeze and as always, the LD22 is built to Fenix’s high standards to perform under the toughest circumstances.
The Fenix PD22’s versatile design offers four brightness modes and two strobes for the ultimate every-day-carry light. The PD22 shines up to 200 lumens on high mode from a single CR123A battery and can run for an unbelievable 97 hours on its low mode. The output is digitally regulated to maintain constant brightness, and its body is constructed with an anti-roll, slip-resistant design. Its advanced circuitry works with the extreme capabilities of a lithium battery to allow for optimal cold-weather performance. Tested for ANSI standards of water and impact resistance, this little light can handle just about anything.
The Fenix LD41 is designed to be your go-to light for everyday tasks such as taking the dog for a walk, searching for items in the garage or attic, and rugged outdoor activities. Designed to be economical, convenient, and portable, the ergonomical grip fits perfectly in your hand, the light runs off easily available AA batteries, and it uses the advanced XM-L U2 LED to output an amazingly bright 520 lumens. With an SOS and strobe mode available in addition to 4 light output modes this light is as versatile as it is practical.
The newest addition to the Fenix headlamp series, the HL30 is equipped with a wide range of features in its lightweight design. With four different output levels, a flashing mode and a red light mode, this hands-free light serves just about every purpose under the sun (or lackthereof). And with a 200-lumen turbo mode this headlamp is one of the brightest in its class!
Surefire had made some improvements to their best-selling tactical light the Fury, and come out with two separate upgraded versions. The Surefire P2X Fury Defender features an aggressive strike bezel for self-defense, and a single mode 500 lumen output for reliable simplicity. The P2X Fury Tactical is a similar light leaving out the aggressive strike bezel but still making use of the aggressive output and indestructible body and lifetime warrantee which has made the Surefire brand a trusted favorite among military and law enforcement personnel.
The Surefire P2XZ Fury is another upgraded version of the already popular Surefire Fury. This light is styled to feature a combat grip, allowing for one-handed operation with ease. This body style is a favorite among military personnel because activation of the light is easy and lightning fast even while operating a firearm. The impressive 500 lumen single-output allows its users to activate a powerful and reliable beam of light without the hassle of flipping through different modes.
The IFE1 is Nitecore’s newest EDC light equipped with a smart ring for an infinitely adjustable output allowing for endless light possibilities. With light options varying from 0.5-550 lumens this light can be adjusted to suit any of your lighting needs from the most trivial to the super-demanding. To add to its versatility, the IFE1 is available in two different reflector options; a smooth reflector for long distance throw, or an orange peel for a wide range flood light. This light is also equipped with a removable pocket clip so you can take it with you anywhere!

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